I Got My Shutters from a Local Merchant

I like to stay loyal to local businesses when I can. I don’t mind going to a big box store if it is the only place I can get something or if the local store is just ridiculous with their pricing, but more often than not I will stay local with my shopping. When I decided to get orange county shutters, I did not go to the national home store that is in every major city. Instead, I looked locally, which is how I found Orange County Shutters. This business has been building shutters for homes and businesses for over two decades, so I knew that they had to be good.

I still went to their website to get more information on them, and I was able to look at a lot of different details there. What I liked best was that there are a lot of pictures there, which really helped me in determining the style I wanted to go with. I had a consultation here in my home, and the interior designer helped me narrow the choices down even further. She even talked me out of two different shutters that I thought would look good, but that was just until she pointed out why they would not work.

I liked dealing with a company that was not afraid to tell me something like that. They would rather risk losing the sale of plantation shutters than steering a customer wrong. I appreciated that, and I ended up going with ones that look amazing. I also have a lifetime guarantee on them, which is something you rarely hear about nowadays. That made me feel good too that this is a company that is not afraid to stand behind their product like that. It is because of service and quality products like these shutters that I choose to go with local merchants.