5 Great Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom Completely

Kitchen and bathroom remodel are renowned for their ability to pay for themselves… and then some. These tend to be the first and second most requested home remodelings going today as well.

What do the numbers actually say? Minor bathroom remodels return an average of 102% to homeowners in terms of providing a higher resale value once you go to sell. In the meantime, you can count on a modern bathroom with the latest appliances, fresh tiles and natural stone or aggregate surfaces.

5 Great Ideas for Totally Transforming Your Bathroom!

Remodeling your bathroom is also great for starting your day off the right way since when you’re stumbling around-perhaps paying for the light switch before your morning cup of coffee you want a bathroom that looks and feels fantastic.

Years of style, comfort, utility savings and a sweet return on investment await the right bathroom remodeling decisions.

A few options that you might be dreaming about today might also actually be more doable tomorrow in terms of your budget as well. Have a look at a few of the bathroom remodeling options below:

Radiant Heated Flooring for Increased Comfort

Radiant flooring is considered the ideal home heating solution because it provides you and your family a big upgrade in comfort while remaining discrete and out of the way.

When you consider what a discrete, pleasant surprise radiant heated flooring would be for your guests, you start to see how nice it would be to work that add-on into your bathroom remodeling.

You might be thinking, isn’t radiant heated flooring super expensive? The answer is that this type of floor heating is within most budgets since you can expect to pay $6 per square foot for materials and around the same cost for labor… which is a heck of a deal.

Radiant flooring is an attractive option if you live in a colder climate or if you’re concerned about slipping after popping out of the shower; heated floors tend to dry quicker and result in less water collecting around the tub.

Opt for a Single-Sink Vanity

Why? Because of more counter space and utility savings compared to a double-sink vanity-are higher on most homeowners’ agendas than making sure that both spouses have a spot to simultaneously do their grooming.

With a single-sink vanity, you’ll find you have more room for toothbrushes, shavers and the like on top and more storage space underneath.

Consider Adding a Discrete Half Wall

Adding a half wall to your bathroom looks great and it allows your eye to focus more on the really important pieces like the skylights shining down on your vanity and mirror.

A half wall is done in the same tile pattern as the rest of your bathroom, in other words, can highlight what you want to be highlighted and give you more overall privacy: Invaluable for big families.

Add a Contemporary Glass Shower Enclosure

You might not think that you have room in your bathroom for a half wall, but you’d be surprised at how little room you actually need to make this idea work.

If you’re still self-conscious, though, adding wall mirrors and glass doors to your shower can both have an elongating effect.

Glass shower enclosures-sometimes called “frameless” shower doors have a sleek, minimalistic look that’s low on maintenance and might even lower your mold risk since there are fewer places for water to collect.

Go With Multiple Lighting Sources and Intensities

Wouldn’t it be nice to make one lighting decision and be done with it? It would but unless you’re being flooded with natural light, you might need extra help.